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Photos by Mina from The Current Heart Project

Salt Construction (Hugh and the team) were our first experience doing a combination of a renovation of an existing bungalow and a new build of an extension. The process of getting to the building stage was both daunting and time consuming for us. We thought the building segment would be the biggest headache; based mainly from what we’d witnessed of other builders with family and friends who had done new builds and extensions. In short, it wasn’t.

We had expectations around the quality of the build and the communication with/from the building company. From day one Hugh and the team turned up 15 minutes before their start time, the saw started on the dot and they worked non-stop all day.

From a build quality point of view what they did, how they operated and the finished product was second to none and absolutely amazing, you’re welcome to come around and see for yourself.

From a communication point of view Hugh provided a fixed price contract (which he kept to) with two ‘unknown’ areas. We were initially nervous about this but his communication through these two stages (eg. digging out 3m post holes in Muriwai sand and the potential for cave in) was very good and we talked through what was happening, why it was happening, anything that needed to change and a rough estimate of any additional costs, before they commenced the work.

Their sub-contractors were also amazing and worked in well with the time frames provided by Hugh.

After witnessing how Hugh and the team operate compared to the experiences of friends and family and the bloated ‘by the hour’ rates and below par craftsmanship we would highly recommend Salt Construction for any renovation, extension or new build.

We recently needed a small deck extension completed, and went no further than the Salt Construction team. We’re happy to discuss our experience with Salt Construction on the phone at any time. Cheers, Nick Carroll - 021 800 985.

Nick Carroll

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